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Fire Protection Systems Designed to Save Lives and Protect Property

Save time and money with a sprinkler system design service that will keep your project on schedule and up to code

Are you worried you won't meet your project deadline?

It’s common to feel stressed when things don’t go according to plan. And when it comes to the lack of fire protection, it could mean
a loss of life or property.

So when a problem arises, you need a fire sprinkler design service to partner with to get your project moving in the right direction

Take the pressure off your department with a fire sprinkler design service that will get your project approved, fast.

Fire protection design & coordination services

When you work with us, we’ll design a fire protection system that:

Meets all local authority and jurisdiction laws


Is up to date with NFPA guidelines, and international building codes & standards.

Not only will we design the fire protection system, we will also coordinate with:

So plans get approved fast, saving you
time and stress while meeting your deadline

NFPA Compliant Fire System Designs

Interior / Underground
New / Remodeled
Wet / Dry Systems

Design approval
communication included

Why work with us?

Are you running into a problem and don’t know if you can meet your construction deadline or not? Don’t stress, because there’s a solution!

Hey there! I’m

David Marini

After spending more than 25 years in the fire protection industry, I understand how you feel.

Even if your project is on hold or has yet to break ground, American Fire Design has the knowledge and experience to get your project completed on time and on budget.

david marini fire sprinkler system designer

David Marini
American Fire Design

Ready to get started?

Brands We've Worked With

fire sprinkler system for chic-fil-a
fire sprinkler system for the goddard school
fire sprinkler system for cheddar's
fire sprinkler system for mcdonald's
fire sprinkler system for bubba 33
fire sprinkler system for olive garden

We design commercial fire sprinkler systems

Whether your project is a new build or a remodel, interior or underground, wet system, dry system, or a combination of the two, we can create a custom fire sprinkler system design for your company

We have experience with

Storage Buildings
Apartment Complexes
Medical Facilities

Shopping Centers

If you botch a project, you may lose a contract or your job

Let us take the pressure off your department and get your project completed on time.

American Fire Design

Fire protection design services
that save you time and money.
Reduce the stress of your department
and get your project completed on time.

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